Yamaha Drive Tinted 2 Piece Windshield

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Windshield, Tinted 2 Piece, Yamaha Drive

  • Designed by RHOX to fit Yamaha Drive (G29).

  • Tinted, 2-Piece Style Windshield.

  • High clarity for better visibility.

  • Not recommended for golf course use.

  • High quality polyurethane folding hinge.

  • Individually boxed in heavy-duty packages.

  • Designed for use on OEM front struts ONLY.

  • Dimensions:
    Top Width: 40-1/8"
    Bottom Width: 40-1/16"
    Top Height: 16-1/4"
    Bottom Height: 16-7/8"( to notch)


Shown with the clear version, WIN-1018