RHOX 14" Golf Cart Tires, 225/30-14, DOT, 4 ply

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RHOX RXLP 14" Golf Cart Tires

Great quality meets great value in this 14" golf cart tire.

Excellent for use on turf, pavement and gravel for a smooth ride.

Approved for golf course use and DOT street legal applications.

225/30-14, DOT, 4 ply

Orders for tires and wheels that are to be assembled, must be added to the cart tire first then the wheel on which the tire should be mounted.
Example -
An order of four (4) TIR-217 mounted on TIR-400 and eight (8) TIR-217 mounted on TIR-RX190 would be entered as follows:

  • Qty 4 - TIR-217

  • Qty 4 - TIR-400

  • Qty 8 - TIR-217

  • Qty 8 - TIR-RX190