2023 MADJAX X Series 4 Passenger Sea Storm Golf Cart w/ Trojan Batteries #1100 *SOLD*

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We are excited to introduce the all-new 2023 MADJAX XSeries "STORM" golf cart.

This innovative cart, which launched on January 9th, 2023, is set to revolutionize the golf cart industry!

The MADJAX XSeries frame is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, ensuring a rust-free and durable cart, particularly for those living on the coast.

The 4-wheel hydraulic disc braking system offers excellent stopping power and a smoother operation, providing increased safety for you and your family on any type of road.

The XSeries is powered by The RELIANCE 5kW brushless AC motor, generating improved braking power, lower maintenance costs, higher RPM rates, and faster acceleration.

It also has a high-capacity voltage reducer, onboard charger, independent front and rear springs with hydraulic shocks, and is road-ready with daytime running lights, sequential turn signals, and a clear horn.

MADJAX offers a 3-year limited warranty, and its customer support is US-based with 24/7 support standing by.

Visit www.xseriesgolfcart.com to learn more about this innovative golf cart.

More about this golf cart:

The bright sea foam body
Trojan Batteries
Hydraulic disc brakes
Upgraded front and rear seat assemblies in black
Rear Flip Seat
Extended Roof
USB port
Charge meter
12" matte black wheels
Storage pockets attached to the roof to hold small valuables
Turn Signals/4 way flashers/daytime running lights
Reverse lights
Custom Steering Wheel
Convex and side Mirrors
Lighted Forward/Reverse
Tinted Windshield
3 year limited warranty

Cash/Check pricing. Financing as low as: $236/mth - WAC

*Shipping not available on Golf Carts*
**Local delivery available, inquire within**

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