RHOX 3" Drop Spindle Lift Kit for Club Car DS Gas 94-03.5 Golf Cart, Electric 84-03.5


$293.15 $418.00

Club Car DS Gas 94-03.5, Electric 84-03.5 RHOX 3" Drop Spindle Lift Kit

Cast steel lift kits for Club Car DS Gas 94-03.5  and Electric 84-03.5 golf carts. Quality rugged lift kits specially designed for extreme environments ad all terrain use. Easy to install 3" and 6" drop spindle lifts.

20" tires recommended for 3" lifts, 22" tires recommended  for 6" lifts.

10" or larger offset wheels required.

NOTE: In order to use the LIFT-301 your DS must be 03.5 or older and have metal dust covers on the front hub. IF your DS has plastic dust covers please see Lift-306.



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