CF-Moto CForce 400 / 400 (G2) ATV - KFI Plow Mount 106490

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Now that you have found the KFI ATV Plow mount that you need, now you just have to get your KFI ATV Push Tubes and Choose a Snow Blade

CF-Moto CForce 400 2016-2022 ATV - KFI MOUNT #106490

CF-Moto CForce 400 (G2) 2023 ATV - KFI MOUNT #106490

 Building your Plow System is a simple 3-step process:

Step 1. Choose your ATV-specific Quick Mount Bracket. The Bracket will attach the Push Tube with Swivel Mount to your machine.

Step 2. Add the ATV Push Tubes to your Cart for attaching the Plow Blade to the Quick Mount Bracket.

Step 3. Choose your blade and add it to the cart:

NOTE: Most Mid-Mount plow mounts may require some plastic trimming if the skid plate is left on.

Important: Do not choose too large a blade. You may not have enough horsepower for heavier snowfall.

You'll also need your own winch or manual lift to operate the plow up and down.

*Manual lift not recommended for blades over 60"

**If you already have mount #105750, but you have a Cforce 500 G2, use the attached template to convert a #105750 to a #106490 ** 

Clear your big driveway, move gravel, dirt and more faster and easier than ever by adding a heavy-duty, easy-to-install Snow Plow System from KFI®!

KFI uses only top-grade steel construction and quality-made components, for year after year of reliable plowing.