2018 Arctic Cat ZR 200 - Snowmobile

Easy Does It Customs LLC


  • Halogen Headlight: The headlight on the ZR 200 offers a low beam and high beam. Go from seeing down the trail to seeing way down the trail with a flick of a switch.
  • 200 4-Stroke Engine: This 192cc, fan-cooled, 4-Stroke engine puts out 9 HP of memories. The power your little rider wants and the reliability you need to keep them riding.
  • Arctic 200 Drive System: The Arctic 200 drive system gives you the performance traits of any of our full-size snowmobiles. With a fully-functional primary and secondary clutch, you will not only feel that top end, but also the low and mid-range this machine offers.
  • Heated Hand Grips: Say goodbye to cold hands. Our new hand warmers provide plenty of warmth for your little racer.
  • ZR 200 Front Suspension: Bumpy trail? No problem. The ZR 200 front suspension provides excellent bump absorption with hydraulic twin tube shocks.
  • ZR 200 Rear Suspension: This snowmobile may be small, but it provides big comfort with a slide-rail suspension that utilizes an adjustable torsion spring and coil-over rear shock.
  • Hayes Brakes: When it comes to brakes, Hayes knows how to keep the fun going. With a hydraulic brake grabbing a disc on the driveshaft, you can focus more on the going versus stopping.
  • Fully Functional Dash: It’s like sitting in a cockpit of an F14 fighter jet. Ok, maybe not, but you do have everything you need right at your fingertips. High and low headlight switch, hand warmer switch, ignition key and choke.
  • LED Taillight: Like the ZR 200 itself, this LED taillight is smaller but still packs a big punch. The taillights bring out the visibility on the trail and let people behind you know when you are stopping.
  • 93-in. Cobra Track with 1-in. Lugs: Featuring a cupped lug design for superior handling, acceleration and braking on soft, loose trails. Want more? This track has got it. Its traction teeth give you extra grip on hard-packed surfaces, while its 1-in. paddles provide traction on or off the trail.
  • Type: 4-stroke
  • Displacement (cc): 192
  • Cooling: Air
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Bore x Stroke (mm): 70 x 55 mm
  • Lubrication: Oil sump
  • Ignition: CDI
  • Engine Stator Output: 96 Watts
  • Fuel Delivery: B-24Carburetor
  • Exhaust: Muffler
  • Fuel Capacity gal. (l): 2.2
  • Oil System Capacity qt. (l): 0.6 (0.57)
  • Minimum Octane: 87
  • Front Suspension: AWS
  • Ski Shocks: Hydraulic twin tube shocks
  • Front Travel in. (cm): 4.5
  • Rear Suspension: Slide-rail, adjustable torsion spring, coil-over rear shock
  • Rear Track Shock: Hydraulic twin tube
  • Rear Travel in. (cm): 8.5
  • Chassis Overall Length in. (cm): 84
  • Chassis Overall Width in. (cm): 36
  • Chassis Overall Height in. (cm): 36
  • Track Type: Cobra
  • Track Width in. (cm): 10 (25.4)
  • Track Length in. (cm): 93
  • Lug in. (cm): 1
  • Pitch (in.): 2.59
  • Ski Stance in. (cm): 30.5
  • Ski Type / Width in. (cm): Plastic
  • Runner Type: Single skag
  • Fuel: Mechanical
Feature Specifications
  • Electric Start: Accessory
  • Front Bumper: Standard
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Standard - Hand
  • Hand Guards: Accessory
  • Headlights: Halogen 1-bulb
  • Rear Storage: Accessory
  • Seat: Youth 200
  • Tether Switch: Accessory
  • Windshield: 4 in. Low-Height
  • Drive Clutch: Arctic 5.25 in. dia. (rpm sensing)
  • Driven Clutch: 6.75 in. dia. Arctic (roller cam)
  • Drive System: Arctic 200 Drive System
  • Brakes: Hydraulic brake/disc on driveshaft
  • Clutch Calibration ft. (m): 0-5,000 (0-1,524)
  • White
Specifications Subject To Change
Please call for any further questions and quotes. 
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