KUBOTA RTV500 2008-Current

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2008-Current KUBOTA RTV500 - KFI Snow Plow Mount 105775

Building your Plow System is a simple 3-step process:

Step 1. Choose your UTV from the above list to find the Quick Mount Bracket required. The Bracket will attach the Push Tube with Swivel Mount to your machine.

Step 2. Choose your Push Tube with Swivel Mount #106300 (UTV) for attaching the Plow Blade to the Quick Mount Bracket.

Step 3. Choose your size blade: UTV Pro-Series or Pro-Poly.


Each KFI Part is made from high-grade American Steel for an absolute rock-solid mounting option you can count on no matter how thick and heavy the snow is.

You'll also need your own winch to operate the plow up and down.

We uses only top-grade steel construction and quality-made components, for year after year of reliable plowing.

Our Plow Tubes features rugged American-built Grade 50 steel construction, shot-blasted and industrial powder coat finished for toughness that's measured in decades, not years.

The KFI UTV Pro-Series Plow Systems are designed to have all of the same great features as our ATV system with more design put into strengthening the UTV system to withstand the forces of larger UTV's.

The KFI UTV plow system is engineered as a Front-Mount System that transfers the forces from plowing to the front lower frame of your UTV.  The System is attached in seconds using two standard 5/8" hitch pins.  With this Front-Mount System you get 30+ inches of lift height.  All of the plow components are shot blasted and powder coated tough for the best finish available.

The UTV Plow Tube System will work with our Pro-Series 48", 54", 60" Straight Blades, and UTV 66 or 72" Reinforced Straight Blade and Pro Poly Blade.  Features of our heavily reinforced tube system include: an easy-pull pin blade angle adjustment, multi-position plow lift bracket, 3 blade angle positions that rotate the blade up to 25 Degrees, and 6 five degree blade pitch adjustment


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